Durbe Manor Park

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Durbe Manor Park was established in Tukums between 1818 and 1838, when Count Christoph Johann Friedrich von Medem (1763–1838) undertook a major reconstruction of Durbe Castle and landscaped its surroundings. The park is modelled on the English landscape garden design, where large wooded areas alternate with smaller copses and free-standing trees. The small ponds, uneven terrain and winding paths that run along the wide lawns create a unique landscape around the castle, which is the key feature in the composition. The trees planted in the park were brought over from Siberia and Germany. The stateliest eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.) in Latvia grows here, which has a circumference of 3.18m.

Several remarkable architectural monuments have been preserved in the park – a rotunda and a stone bridge over a ravine designed by German architect Johann Berlitz (1753–1837) who also designed the Durbe Castle reconstruction project.

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You can visit Durbe Manor museum.

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