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The first website about Estonian collection gardens with information about more than 50 Estonian gardens. Many of them are also among Garden Pearls!

Via Hanseatica and Taste Hanseatica

Via Hanseatica is an international tourism route connecting Estonia, Latvia and Russia. The route is based on the historic Hansa trade corridor and includes the part from St. Petersburg to Riga through Tartu. It has also been extended towards Rakvere and Viljandi in Estonia as well as towards Vyborg and Pskov in Russia as Plus regions.
In Estonia and Latvia, the tourism route connects more than 80 food producers and providers whose products and dishes value the centuries-old traditions, forming the Taste Hanseatica food route.

Green Railways

Green Railways is a network of hiking trails on Estonian and Latvian former railways that lead you off the beaten tracks. In several former railway stations you can ride a handcar or railway bicycle, and in Latvia a narrow-gauge train Banitis is operating on a daily basis between the towns of Aluksne and Gulbene.

Flavours of Livonia - Culinary Route in Estonia and Latvia

Flavours of Livonia lead you to eating places, where the tastiest local products are served. Besides, they help you to find local cheese makers, bakeries, fish smokers, cider breweries and many others.