Inara’s Garden

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In Salaspils, on the outskirts of Riga, you can visit Ināra Aire’s Garden, which has been created as a natural and picturesque garden for all the senses; for people to draw inspiration and fantasise. Surrounded by a pine forest, it almost blends in with the environment. It isn’t fenced in and some plants freely encroach on the forest, while the forest’s inhabitants like deer, foxes and badgers see Ināra’s Garden as their own and are frequent visitors.

The owner has a long-term project to create an arboreal park here. This ties in with her idea of what she wants her garden to be – a beautiful, natural and slightly “wild” landscape that can be enjoyed in any season.

The garden blooms in a different way every summer. The dominant tones of the plants and flowers reflect the gardener’s mood at the time of planning. The highlights of Ināra’s Garden are undoubtedly the various grasses, which look just as picturesque in the summer as they do wrapped in autumn mists, frosty, or with a light coating of snow. You can, of course, find much more in the garden – from a magnificent collection of peonies to tree ferns. One or two weeds thrive here as well! If they fit into the landscape, they’re left alone to show off their beauty.

Water also has a specific place here. Although the garden is located on the shores of a lake, two artificial pools with water lilies and fish have been created, as well as a miniature model of a marsh.

There is, however, only one rose in this garden – the owner herself.

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    • Collection garden

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    Entrance: 2 EUR
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    Up to 50 persons in a guided group.
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    Open all year round.
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    Open by prior agreement.

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