Lepiku-Mardi Farm Collection Garden

  • We speak: English, Russian, Finnish, Estonian
  • There is plenty of parking space: 15 cars, 1-2 buses.
  • Plants for sale
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Restroom available
  • Picnic/resting place(s) available
  • Drinks and snacks available. Contact for more info.
  • Advance booking required
  • Rain and sun shelter available

Over the years, a regular country home garden and a hobby for the whole family in Lepiku-Mardi farm has been turned into a three-hectare largest private collection garden in Estonia, featuring more than 6,000 plants from across the world.

There are more than 5,000 types of perennials, bulbous flowers, grasses and ferns in the garden.

Garden owners are particularly interested in:

  • white trilliums,
  • primroses,
  • gentianas,
  • Alpine plants,
  • forest plants (plants growing in shade),
  • cactuses and yuccas.

The plants originating from the Far East, Japan and New Zealand, but also from the Alps are especially interesting. The garden attempts to adapt plants that naturally grow in much more favourable conditions to the climate here.

Plants are available for purchase

The park in the farm features a collection of deciduous trees and shrubs and conifers, more than 1,000 types and varieties in total. The garden boasts a common oak aged about 200–300 years, with crown circumference of more than 30 metres and stem circumference of 410 cm. The oak has been growing on a clear field, so over the centuries, it has developed a very beautiful and regular-shaped wide crown.

The visitors can admire the beauty of alders and the wonderful and incredible forms of the oaks. The world of perennials includes some very special plants of microscopic size, to be admired on all fours or even with a magnifying glass. Then, there are giant perennials that can grow more than 3 metres in size over the summer.

In the autumn of 2018, the landscaping of a bog and marsh garden was started in the farm.

This garden features:

  • small rhododendron types,
  • carnivorous plants,
  • heaters,
  • heaths,
  • blueberries,
  • cloudberries, etc.

The Lepiku-Mardi Farm Garden welcomes guests from April to October. The garden house or park is perfect for enjoying coffee and tea or ice-cream, holding picnics or celebrating special occasions in a smaller group. The plants seen in the garden can also be purchased. We kindly ask you to book a visit to the garden in advance.

Additional info

How to get here? The Lepiku-Mardi Farm is located about 25 kilometres from Pärnu towards Tallinn, near Pärnu-Jaagupi.

  • Theme

    • Rock garden/Alpine garden
    • Woodland garden
    • Peat garden
    • Perennial garden
    • Bog Garden
    • Arboretum
    • Heather garden
  • Style

    • Collection garden
    • Cottage garden

Visitor information

  • Tickets
    Individual guests: 30 EUR/h.
    Larger groups: 5 EUR/person.
    Children: free of charge.
    Guided tour: available.
  • Group visits
    Up to 50 persons in a guided group.
  • Season
    The garden is open from April till November.
  • Opening hours
    Open by prior agreement.
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