Nõrga Farm Garden

  • We speak: English, Russian, Estonian
  • There is plenty of parking space.
  • Plants for sale
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Restroom available
  • Advance booking required
  • Rain and sun shelter available
  • Pets are welcome

The 1.5-hectare ornamental garden is a site of surprising views, captivating with its giant water hole and a true paradise of perennials. The pride and joy of the garden is the large collection of daylilies and phloxes, about 200 types of each. Phloxes are the undeniable pearls of the garden. The traditional phlox exhibition held every year on the first weekend of August has brought fame to the farm both in Estonia and abroad. The phloxes from Nõrga Farm are also displayed at the phlox exhibition at Tallinn Botanic Garden.

In addition, there are hundreds of different perennials in the garden, matching the style of the farm garden and the large housebarn. The ancient trees cast shade on the two large areas designed for shade-loving perennials. The rest of the garden is open to sun throughout the day. In landscaping, medium and high-rise species and types have been used. The hostess’s particular favourites in addition to phloxes are:

  • hostas (about 60–70 varieties),
  • astilbe (about 50 varieties),
  • bugbanes,
  • sneezeweed,
  • echniacea,
  • leopard plants,
  • meadow-rues,
  • eupatorium,
  • primroses.

The free-form landscaping in the garden is a source of inspiration for visitors. Also, the whole garden serves as a sample supporting the production activity of the farm.

Perennial farming and sale

The principal activity of the farm is perennial farming and sale (from May to September). Every year, new and exciting types and varieties are added and tested out in our climate. Cuttings are sold both in the farm and at major fairs.

In 2009, Nõrga Farm was awarded the title of the most beautiful Suure-Jaani production farm and in 2010, received an award from the President of the Republic at the “Beautiful Estonian Home” contest.

Additional info

How to get here? Nõrga Farm is located at about a fifteen-minute ride from Viljandi.

  • Theme

    • Woodland garden
    • Perennial garden
  • Style

    • Collection garden
    • Cottage garden

Visitor information

  • Tickets
    Individual guests: 5 EUR.
    Guided tour is included in the price.
  • Season
    The garden is open from May till September.
  • Opening hours
    Open by prior agreement.
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