Panga Farm Rose Garden

  • We speak: Russian, Estonian
  • There is plenty of parking space: up to 10 cars and a bus.
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  • Wheelchair friendly
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  • Advance booking required
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At Panga Farm, all rose varieties developed in Estonia, as well as old park roses, can be admired. The hostess’s passion for roses has inspired her to collect the rose varieties of all Estonian plant breeders. The farm features a unique garden of Estonian heirloom roses.

In the rose garden at Panga Farm, you can see all 67 rose varieties developed in Estonia between 1950 and 2017. This unique collection has been compiled over the years by the hostess of the farm, who has bred the plants and saved quite a few Estonian rose varieties from becoming extinct. There is no other private garden like this in Estonia. Another collection of Estonian roses is displayed in Tallinn Botanic Garden, but it is missing some of the varieties available in Panga Farm. The rose garden is located in Lääneranna Parish, Ura Village, and is open on weekdays throughout the summer months.

The roses in Panga Farm

In addition to Estonian varieties, there are old park roses in Panga Farm, collected from manor gardens. The guests’ favourites are the delightful rose jam scented Hansa hedge surrounding the farm garden, and the fancy Kurista rose hedge in front of the house. The roses bred in Estonia, displayed in Panga Farm:

  • Johan Eichfeld: Wasablan, Mõrsjaroos, Lumivalguke, Kevade, Tallinn, Kolhoositar, Säde
  • Ferdinard Laaser: Valge Daam, Juubel, Kurista, Lemmi (former 25/61)
  • Vello Veski: Tiiu, Kati, Koit, Tibiroos.
  • Christoph Weigand: Staatspräsident Päts
  • Mr Zvagins: Audru
  • Uno and Aili Kivistik: Ülo, Talupoeg, Kullerkupp, Kivilind, Ira Prints, Kivilill, Põhjavalgus, Pirita, Valdo, Menu, Kalevipoeg, Endla, Tiia, Saima, Sume, Kiir, Õie, Aura, Maie, Esto, Priima, Sära, Laulupidu
  • Mart Ojasalu: Edgar Savisaar, Valge Daam, Lamore, Paradiso, Milango, Liisi, Josefino, Ingli puudutus, Kodu ja Aed, Johann Köler, Unistus, Luunja, Mare, Mati, Kankaan, Väike Illimar, Elsegold, Grete, Ilon, Perfecto, Maakodu, Femina, Kuldkroon, Ants Laikmaa, Arno, Palmse, Largo, Marie Under and Ats.

In addition, the garden is decorated with the aromatic “Kadriorg” originating from the 17th century Netherlands – a rose the flower of which is depicted on the plafond of the main hall of the Kadriorg Palace and which has become the symbol of Kadriorg.

Right next to the heirloom rose garden, there is an herb garden with roses in between the aromatic herbs and spices, and an impressive collection of park roses. Rose cuttings propagated on the roses grown on site can be bought.

In addition to the plants, the garden features bees, which bring a lot of joy to the hostess.

Additional info

Bee watching in a nearby apiary.

How to get here? The Panga Farm Rose Garden is located in Ura Village, Lääneranna Parish, Pärnu County, about 45 kilometres from Pärnu. We kindly ask you to book a visit in advance.

  • Theme

    • Herbs garden
    • Rose garden
  • Style

    • Collection garden

Visitor information

  • Tickets
    Individual guests: 5 EUR.
    Disabled persons: free of charge.
    Groups: on agreement.
    Guided tour: on agreement.
    Discounts: on agreement.
  • Group visits
    Up to 20 persons in a guided group.
  • Season
    The garden is open from June till September.
  • Opening hours
    Open by prior agreement.
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