Räpina Manor Park

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With its rich flora and beautiful landscaping, the Räpina Park includes the old manor park and the newer part of the park around the horticultural school. The Räpina Park is located on a peninsula on the one side bordered by the scenic Võhandu River and on the other by the Räpina artificial lake. The Sillapää Castle is located in the middle of the park. The total area of the park is 8.5 hectares, and 14 hectares together with the green areas of the horticultural school. The manor park has been under nature conservation since 1959 and under heritage conservation since 2002. The park was completed by Baron Peter von Sivers in 1856. There are still some old giant linden trees here, nearly 200 years old.

The manor park comprises three parts

The mixed-style park includes the English, French and forest park parts. The English style part is free-form and the spacious lawn area is bordered by confider and deciduous tree groups and winding pathways. The park is dotted with rhododendrons, including the Iime-tolerant INKARHO rhododendrons.  The French style part of the park is a regular-shaped ornamental garden with high vegetation, descending towards the artificial lake. This part is studded with orderly beds of rose groups and trimmed thuja shapes.

The forest park is natural and landscaped in free form, traversed by the line of sight dotted with small clearances, from the manor house up to the beautiful pavilion by the artificial lake,

The park area surrounding the Räpina School of Horticulture has been established in 1984 according to the greening plan prepared by the designer Valve Pormeister. The coniferous trees collection exhibits close to a hundred different conifer types and varieties, of which 30 are the breeds selected by Adolf Vaigla. The colourful planted area in front of the school groups together blooming shrubs and conifers and is beautiful all year round. Walking around the school-house, one can find a fascinating perennial area and enjoy numerous summer and perennial flowers in the flower collection garden. The collection garden also features:

  • Rein Joost’s park roses (about 50 varieties),
  • Mart Heering’s lilies,
  • Adolf Vaigla’s lilacs (30 varieties),
  • Jaan Kivistik’s vines (20 varieties).

There are more than 600 different taxa of shrubs and trees on the territory of the park and the school, a total of nearly 1,200 together with herbaceous plants (including perennials, roses, lianas, natural herbaceous plants, summer flowers).

Additional info

It is possible to buy plants during working hours at school premises.

  • Theme

    • Rock garden/Alpine garden
    • Peat garden
    • Perennial garden
    • Herbs garden
    • Rose garden
    • Arboretum
    • Heather garden
  • Style

    • Manor park
    • Collection garden

Visitor information

  • Tickets
    Free of charge.
    Guided tour: 30 EUR/group.

  • Group visits
    Up to 30 persons in a guided group.

  • Season
    The garden and park are open all year round.
  • Opening hours
    Open around the clock.

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