Seven Winds Garden

  • We speak: English, Russian, Finnish, Estonian
  • There is plenty of parking space.
  • Plants for sale
  • Picnic/resting place(s) available
  • Drinks and snacks available. Contact for more info.
  • Advance booking required
  • Rain and sun shelter available
  • Pets are welcome
  • One double room, incl. sauna.

The farm and the surroundings of the garden are predominantly open to western winds. The garden is about a hectare in size, containing more than a hundred taxa. The soils and natural conditions here are characteristic to the islands in West-Estonia.

The establishment of the Garden of Seven Winds was started in 2009. The garden is an exciting combination of farm architecture and small garden forms, with the views opening up on the garden and the surrounding fields from the terraces and recreational areas. The garden features plants suitable for the conditions and matching the surrounding landscape. The species-rich grassland around the farm is blooming till the end of the summer. In the garden, old lilacs and garden ceramics catch the eye; the colour palette is formed by blue, white, purple and yellow and the grasses swept by the winds in the background.

Grasses to create form

Grasses are the main landscaping form in the garden, bringing the nature into a mysterious movement through all seasons, from spring to spring.

In addition to grasses, the landscaping features the following:

  • lavender,
  • woodland sage,
  • catnip,
  • giant scabious,
  • geraniums,
  • perennial flax,
  • Culver’s roots.

The back garden has a ceramics workshop with various kilns Creativity Hub, where ceramics and art workshops are held. The new Garden Gallery is a source of high-quality handicraft and art all year round.

Enjoy a day for yourself! Walk around in the garden, have a seat in the Garden Gallery and browse through gardening books and magazines. The Garden Gallery is a source of high-quality handicraft and art all year round.

Additional info

How to get here? The garden is located in the Lõemetsa Village of cultural and environmental value in Muhumaa, about 10 kilometres from the Kuivastu Harbour.

  • Theme

    • Perennial garden
  • Style

    • Cottage garden

Visitor information

  • Tickets
    Individual guests: 7 EUR.
    For groups 20 persons and more: 5 EUR/person
    The price includes a guided tour.
    Children: free of charge.
  • Group visits
    Up to 40 persons.
  • Season
    The garden is open from June till October 10 am -5 pm.
  • Opening hours
    Open by prior agreement.
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