Red Castle Park

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The scenic Vecgulbene Manor Park with its hundred-year-old trees still retains traces of the manor’s former luxury and beautiful love story.

Vecgulbene Manor began thriving economically in 1797 when it became the property of the family of Baron von Wolff, who created an extensive complex here with castles and outbuildings. In 1859 Heinrich Johann Gottlieb von Wolf (1843–1897) became the owner of the manor. He restored the White Castle into a magnificent neo-Renaissance building and built the Red Castle, as well as a magnificent park surrounding both. The park consists of several parts. The Castle Park and Rudolf Park, which is dedicated to Heinrich Johann Gottlieb von Wolff’s father, Rudolph Gottlieb von Wolff (1809–1847) were once linked by a unique, wood-carved air bridge over the Krustalīce Ravine that has not survived.

The Castle Park that surrounds the White and Red Palaces and the conservatory has a distinctly landscaped design with twisting paths, irregularly shaped reservoirs and a wide central square in front of the terrace. It is home to both native and non-native varieties of trees, including Swiss stone pines, black pines and Douglas firs. The park used to be full of various architectural and artistic shapes and sculptural formations. Three gates led to the park – the large gate is Gothic with three lancet arches, cornices and decorative towers. From the castle terrace a vine pergola led to the garden house. Opposite the castle was a well-kept rose garden. You could see a large pond from the terrace shaped like the letter “M” in honour of Baron Heinrich von Wolff’s beloved wife Marissa (Marie von Wolff, née von Oettingen, 1857–1883), and flower beds in the same shape. When the Baroness died of tuberculosis at the age of 25, which was incurable at the time, a cross-shaped flowerbed was planted over the M. The romantic Castle Park also features a Hill of Love where there used to be a statue of Venus on a pedestal and benches with images of winged lions on either side.

The manor complex also includes a barn, a creamery, an arena where a hotel and restaurant were established after reconstruction, and other buildings. The conservatory is now home to the Gulbene Municipality History and Art Museum, which, among other things, offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea in the Red Castle’s rose garden in the shade of hundred-year-old oaks and linden trees.

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Gulbene municipality History and Arts museum exhibitions. Restaurant at Vecgulbene Manor.

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