Pärnu Beach Park

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The Pärnu Beach Park is the second town park in Estonia for its richness of species. The creation of the park on a grassland of the town was started in 1882. In 1960, the park underwent rather extensive renovations and in 2010, the eastern part of the park was reconstructed.

The original free-form design of the park has been preserved. As the park is located right beside the beach, it is a very popular walking and recreation area. In the middle of the park, there is a circular path joining all parts, grounds and paths.

The beach park is rich in species

It is the second most species-rich town park in Estonia. The wide variety of species is also remarkable because the soil in the Beach Park is extremely poor in nutrients; storms and floods are no rarity here. What makes the park particularly noteworthy is the partially preserved historic road network, the Mud Bath, the Beach Hotel, the Beach Salon, Ammende Villa and other architectural pearls from the beginning of the 20th century; the alleys dating back to over a hundred years, the old pine trees slanted by the wind, and other old trees, the abundance of boulevards, sea views, open park meadows and the romantic villa plots. Of native species, the pine, oak, common alder, maple, downy birch, spruce and linden are prevalent in the park.

The non-native varieties in the park:

  • common linden
  • European larch
  • Serbian spruce
  • green ash
  • Berlin poplar
  • Balkan pine.

Of shrubs, the false spiraea, mountain pine, Siberian dogwood and snowberry are represented.

The Beach Park is an endless source of views and perspectives for those enjoying a walk. There have always been private sitting spots under the large trees in the park, now modernised and great for picnics. The sea-facing park area features a modern and safe children’s playground. The park area is crossed by a walking trail and a light traffic road where bicycles and dogs are welcome.

The nearly 45-hectare Beach Park is bordered by the Beach Promenade and the sand area. In the summer, the park is a popular place for beach sellers.

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    The park is open all year round.
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